Archimedes Technologies, LLC can streamline your current network, help you expand, add wireless capabilities or design and build a new local or wide-area network. We can save your business money by assisting in the integration of voice and data, making use of our partnerships with 3CX and Netgear.

Archimedes Technologies, LLC currently supports a number of businesses with multiple offices and satellite office solutions. Our unique understanding of low-latency networks assists us in supporting trading and research offices in our geographic area. We provide cost comparisons of major carriers to help you get the lowest price for your critical communications.

We test every network we install for security and reliability using our state-of-the-art audit tools.
Security Audits and Remediation:
Depending on the market sector, your business may be subject to HIPAA, PCI, FISMA or SOX regulations. Our security audits will determine if your business meets the appropriate requirements and make plain English recommendations for remediation.
Data Backup Planning:
Backups are cumbersome and can be expensive. Identifying the data that needs to be backed up -- and what doesn’t -- is an essential, but often overlooked, aspect of IT support. Working with our backup partners we ensure backups are accurate and cost-effective.
SSL Certificates:
Archimedes Technologies can assist you in securing your website with SSL certificates. We work with GeoTrust™ to assure your clients that your site is safe.
Domain Registrations:
Archimedes Technologies offers a full range of web services to our customers. Whether you need a .com, .biz, or .org domain we can register it for you. Archimedes Technologies has over 70 client domains under registration. We ensure your registration is correct so you don’t have to.
Project Management:
All companies undertake projects. Most small to medium companies try to manage those projects with their existing employee base. What business owners forget is that they already hired those employees for full-time jobs. Sometimes a little expertise in an area is required; sometimes the entire project needs to be handed off so that you can focus on your business and employees can get back to their core responsibilities. Whether it is office relocation, real-estate IT review, capacity planning, branch office expansion or disaster recovery planning; our expertise and project-management experience can help.
Office IT Build and Implementation:
Archimedes Technologies has taken several of our clients from concrete floors and unfinished walls to fully functioning office environments. Using our project management skill and vendor knowledge we can be a working team member in an office-build project or we can manage the entire project, including phones, networks, systems and communications (data providers). Working with building trades is a specialty and we have the experience to make sure that the schedule is met and your business goes online -- on time and on budget.
VOIP Telephony:
Why VOIP? Simple – cost savings. Working with our partners 3CX, Grandstream, Aastra, Yealink and network providers such as Verizon, Cablevision and Comcast we can offer the most-up-to-date services at the lowest cost possible. When we work with a customer the first evaluation we do is a financial one. If we are not going to save your business money we’ll tell you up front. Our goal is to provide the best, most flexible, voice communications possible.
Desktop Support:
We handle many small offices in the Legal, Medical and insurance areas that simply don’t have a requirement for a server or large IT infrastructure. What they do need is a professional Desktop Support team that shows up when they are called, explains the issue and fixes it. Archimedes Technologies works with these clients; assists them in acquiring equipment at prices reserved for larger companies and makes sure their day-to-day IT support requirements are met.
Disaster Recovery Planning / Business Continuity:
Have you considered what happens to your business if a gas or water main breaks outside your building and you have no access to your systems or paperwork? What happens to your business if you lose power for an extended period? Although businesses and the government have focused on terrorist based outages since 9/11, the greater possibility is your business will be affected as a consequence of a much more common scenario. A Business Impact Analysis (BIA) can answer these questions and many more.

Archimedes Technologies, LLC has a tremendous amount of experience in reviewing or creating Business Continuity Plans. We will perform a Business Impact Analysis by reviewing your systems, talking to management and staff, and reviewing how you do business. Why is this important? Recent experience has shown that employees leave passwords and other critical information in the office. Have you ever seen a password on a post-it note or under a keyboard? Should a business be displaced, even with back-up systems and an alternate business location, your business may still be severely impacted. Our plans are scenario based: building outage, neighborhood outage, citywide outage or regional outage.

Communications to employees and clients is critical during an outage. This can be affected by the time of day, how long the outage is expected to last, etc. Our plans incorporate a decision making timeline with scenario planning. This allows you to make timely decisions for notifications and execution to get your business operational as quickly as possible. Contact us for more information.
24-hour Monitoring:
All our retained clients are monitored 24-hours a day. We use multiple monitoring systems to watch and record all of our client uptime and performance.
We monitor all critical server services. We use a separate monitor for the firewalls and yet another monitor for security services. We normally catch and mitigate potential problems before the business realizes there is an issue.
Pre-Move Planning / Real Estate Evaluations:
When a business contemplates a move there are many factors involved to make it successful. Is there network wiring in place, does it meet current standards, does it go through another tenant’s space? What communications services are available in the area, and at what speed? Will the landlord allow after-hours access for support of your infrastructure? Are there enough electrical outlets? Is there a generator? How often has the building lost power in the last year? These are the questions that you need to answer before you make a decision. We’ll do it for you. If the wiring is in-place we’ll use our Ethernet cable certifier to make sure it works as advertised.
Custom Web Design and Hosting:
Whether you are looking for a stand-alone tool to help streamline the day-to-day operations in your business, or a web-based solution that allows you to expand your customer relationships, we can design the right application for you.

To complement our web-based development we also offer hosting and maintenance packages. This enables you to protect your investment by allowing the same developers who designed your custom solution to manage it for you. This will ensure you are running smoothly 24/7 and provide you with the opportunity to make changes and upgrades as quickly as possible.
Microsoft Outlook Active Signatures:
What is an active signature? We program a small HTML file as your signature. Embedded in the file is your email address, web site and a Google Map to your location. When you send a new email it includes the Outlook signature with your logo, name, address and web site. As the person receiving the email scrolls over your signature the hyperlinks become visible and clicking them opens a browser or emails you. This also has the benefit of making all of your signatures in your organization uniform for the corporate look you want to present.
Scroll over the active signature to see it work
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• Pre-move Planning/Real Estate Evaluations
• Microsoft Outlook Active Signatures
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