Archimedes Technologies, LLC uses a combination of state-of-the-art scanners and appliances to ensure our clients’ security.

First, we examine the network from the outside to provide a baseline assessment. This scan will include all the public IP addresses and all the ports associated with them. After a review of exposed ports we will attempt an exploit of these openings to see if any real exposure exists. These tests can be used for HIPAA, PCI, FISMA or SOX type scans.

We will review all DNS records available and go hunting across the internet for exposed email addresses. If we find DNS errors that can impact email or web access we assist the customer in making the necessary changes so that their appearance on the internet is correct and prevent email delivery issues.

Archimedes Technologies, LLC also has the ability to go Phishing. With the social engineering tools we have available we can check if an employee is open to clicking that link in an email or opening an attachment.

Once scanning inside the network begins we test for malware, determine if patches or security updates are missing, and provide a comprehensive report for review. The reports are straight-forward and include all areas of concern.
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We understand that handing over a vulnerability report to a customer is like speaking a foreign language. We will meet and explain -- in plain English -- what potential issues exist and what actions can be taken immediately.

Scanning tools play an essential role in assessing security, but we also check:

• Account controls -- who logs on to the network and what access do they have?

• File sharing security -- to ensure that sensitive files are not exposed.

• Password security -- to enforce secure, complex passwords.

• Physical security – making sure that network access is not available and that wireless access is secure.

• Internal Network sniffing -- to ensure there are no unauthorized devices on the network.

• Making sure all equipment manufacturer passwords have been changed from the default.

• Outside network access through VNC, PCAnywhere, LogMeIn or GoToMYPC is only on authorized positions.

Archimedes Technologies, LLC believes the education of end-users is also part of security and we send our clients emails whenever we detect an imminent threat to their business.

Security of your systems, networks and data are paramount to good business. Let us assist you in protecting this valuable asset.
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