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Market Segments
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Small Business IT:
Dell Consulting Network:
Archimedes Technologies, LLC is part of the Dell Consulting Network. This allows us access to a dedicated team of professionals to assist in your Dell purchases. Since we buy on behalf of a large number of clients our discounts are the maximum available. All Dell purchases are done in the customer’s name. We want to earn your business, not hold your warranty hostage by buying your equipment in our name. Dell ProSupport technicians are the best in the business. On those rare occasions were we need a part or have a question, their US support in unmatched. We have been working closely with Dell since 2005.
Medical Practice IT Support:
The medical field is changing faster than any other area of IT. With new rules and regulations appearing on what seems to be a daily basis, IT can be a challenge. We support a number of medical practices including:

• Orthopedics

• Internal Medicine

• Ophthalmology

• Podiatry

• Chiropractic

• Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

• Physical and Occupational Therapy

• Dentistry

As part of our Medical practice support we have installed digital X-Ray systems, Practice Management software and associated systems, various specialized scanners and medical equipment. We use our expert knowledge of security scanning to ensure security gaps are identified. We have conducted Meaningful Use reviews for core requirement 15, Security Risk Analysis.

Rules may change, software may change but the one thing that doesn’t change is providing a service to your patients. IT and EHR should help that process, not hinder it. If you spend too much time thinking about IT and EHR let Archimedes Technologies, LLC assist you.
Warehousing and Manufacturing IT Support:
Warehouse management, logistics, manufacturing, CAD, document management, inventory systems, CRM systems and time-card management are all specialized and unique to this market segment. Archimedes Technologies has worked with a variety of specialized software vendors to make sure your business runs smoothly. We have installed servers and SQL for large systems, Zebra printers, bar code readers and document scanners and WiFi networks to support these systems. We act as your representative when working with software providers to facilitate inter-operability between operating systems and industry software. Our strategic partnerships save you money on hardware along the way.
Legal and Financial IT Support:
Legal IT systems have all the requirements of Small Business IT with the additional layer of specialized software for document management, case management and time keeping applications. Timely support is the key to Information Technology in a Law office. Our security specialists, intrusion detection systems, document management experience and MS Office expertise make Archimedes Technologies uniquely qualified to support the Law firm environment.
Financial IT:
Archimedes Technologies supports clients in the Accounting and Insurance industries. Each of these industries has specialized software and hosted applications. As more services come on line remotely, software interoperability has become more challenging on the desktop. Archimedes Technologies has the expertise required to make many disparate applications work side-by-side. Security requirements in these industries are paramount. Tax returns and insurance applications all have vital personal information that must be protected. Intrusion detection systems, employee monitoring, web surfing restricted to business functions, and device control are key to security in these areas.
Registered Investment Advisors Audit and Consulting:
In October 2004 RIA's became subject to new regulations. Rule 204-2 of the Investment Advisors Act identifies records that must be stored, retention periods, and rules for review. Rule 206(4)-7 mandates supervisory practices and internal controls. These rules, along with a number of others, have created an IT burden on RIA's. Archimedes Technologies, LLC has considerable experience in working with Registered Investment Advisors to cost effectively meet these regulations.

It is now unlawful for a Registered Investment Advisor to provide advice to clients unless it implements supervisory compliance controls for seventeen record types listed in the Act. Archimedes Technologies, LLC will review your IT policies and procedures and perform a Gap Analysis. Under 206(4)-7 a Supervisor must review these policies and procedures no less than once a year. We will review e-mail and file storage, recovery and review procedures to ensure they meet the provisions of the Act. We will work closely with your compliance auditor to make certain your IT department or vendor is meeting these regulations.

The Internal Controls portion of the Act has been interpreted to require a Business Continuity Plan. These plans are "living documents" that must be modified as your business changes, expands, or moves. Please see our Business Continuity Services section for more information.

Our audit document will provide:

• An Executive Summary

• Inside / Outside network scans

• A Gap Analysis

• A Network Segment report

• Equipment discovery

• Patch analysis and AV checks

• A password policy check

• A review of the current Business Continuity Plan

• A check of physical security of IT systems

Let Archimedes Technologies, LLC assist you. Contact us for a consultation.
“Archimedes understands the strict regulatory requirements of the healthcare industry and keeps our IT systems secure and compliant.”
                                                                                         --Dr. N., Practice Owner
“I have been using Archimedes Technologies for five years with complete satisfaction. They are knowledgeable about IT, understand my business, and solve my computer problems in a timely manner. Archimedes is honest in both service and billing.”
                                                                                         --Dr. L., Practice Owner
“We hired Archimedes Technologies for IT support two weeks before Hurricane Sandy. While they were evaluating our environment Sandy hit, and our servers, network equipment, and most of our PCs were water-damaged. Archimedes recovered all our data. They recreated and ran our entire environment remotely in their office until we found suitable real estate. Our infrastructure was migrated, a new 3CX phone system installed, and everything runs faster and more reliably than it did before. The team at Archimedes knew just what to do to get us up and running after a disaster and rebuilt our IT better than before.”
                                                                                   --Jennifer, Business Owner
"We worked with Archimedes to replace and secure our network infrastructure, with them providing ongoing monitoring services to prevent problems before they happen. We have been very pleased with the performance of our network. We are glad to have found an extremely capable and responsive company we can trust with the infrastructure that our company relies upon to operate. We always feel that our best interests are being served."
                                                                                              --Ron, Manufacturing
“Every once in a while a file is misplaced or accidentally deleted. When it happened to us, Archimedes responded right away and - using the Barracuda Backup - was able to restore the data quickly with little or no impact on our workflow.”
                                                                                                  --Gerry, Insurance
Small Business technology decisions can be intimidating. Archimedes Technologies, LLC will offer as much or as little help as you need. Our Small Business practice pricing is extremely competitive and our work is always professional.  We specialize in Microsoft Small Business Server with an in-depth understanding of Exchange and internet email delivery.  We ensure your desktops, laptops and servers are secure, patched and up-to-date.  Our 24-hour monitoring system ensures your business is ready for business.  Working with our partners we can acquire all your equipment and software at competitive prices.  Please see our Services listing to see how we may assist you.
“We have relied on Archimedes Technologies for responsive, reasonably priced IT support for our office since 2006. We trust Archimedes to make intelligent and cost-conscious hardware and software recommendations that make sense for our business. Our systems are up and running consistently and often Archimedes has detected and rectified issues before we even knew about them.”
                                                                                --Ken, Business Owner
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