Your business faces sophisticated threats every day.  Trend Micro™ provides a multilayered solution to secure your environment.  Archimedes Technologies, LLC has worked with many Anti-virus solutions.  We have certain criteria we insist on for securing our client base.
1.  The solution must have a low foot print on servers and PCs, basically is transparent to the end user.
2.  It has to allow centralized control.
3.  It should support device control for protection of intellectual property.
4.  It must have Server, Cloud, and VM support.
5.  It has to be automated so that no manual intervention is needed.
6.  It has to communicate to IT support and the end-user on discovery.
7.  It has to scan email at the edge of the network and protect Phishing attacks.
8.  It has to support multiple browsers, operating systems, mobile and cloud-based services.
Trend Micro™ meets all of these criteria and more. 
Archimedes Technologies, LLC uses the WorryFree™ Business Security (WFBS) products from Trend Micro™.  WFBS products can be installed locally on the server or can be cloud-based and hosted at Trend Micro™.  The Advanced version provides comprehensive coverage of Exchange servers.  All WFBS instances can be added to the web-based WorryFree™ Remote Manager allowing Archimedes Technologies real-time review of the entire client base.
Archimedes Technologies also offers Trend Micro™ Titanium™ Internet Security to our client’s employees at discounted prices.  This helps ensure the devices connecting to our client’s network are secured at a low cost.
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Trend Micro™ Worry-Free™ Business Security
Trend Micro™ SafeSync™
“Trend Micro™ Safe Sync™ Team Folders allows us to share files and folders securely, thereby ensuring that all team members are using the most recent files. In addition to CAD drawing files and vendor specifications, we use the Team Folders to share costing information and bid specifications. The fact that we can access any and all of our files from any computer has been extremely important to us.”
                                                                                               --Ron, (Engineering)
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SafeSync™ allows access anytime anywhere.  Users can share files across multiple platforms, PC to Mac, Android to iPhone or PC to tablet.  SafeSync™ allows for password access and team space allocation; keep a private file section for you and allocate space for collaboration.  SafeSync™ provides continuous automatic file synchronization.  This safe, low cost, file and collaboration tool is available to our clients to access anytime from anywhere from any device.
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