When we have a question we like to be able to call the company and speak to someone knowledgeable and helpful.  Just like our customers, we don’t want a call center or a referral; we want an answer.  The first time we called CyberPower, it took about five minutes before we decided they were a company we wanted to be partnered with.
CyberPower Systems designs and manufactures a complete line-up of tower and rack-mountable Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) units.
Options include models with:
•  Automatic Voltage Protection
•  Convertible rack and tower configurations
•  Critical Load Outlets
•  Multifunction LCD display panels
•  PowerPanel software.
Most units have a 3-Year Warranty.  We trust our clients’ critical servers and workstations to CyberPower UPS units.
Since 2010 the East Coast has endured two major storms accompanied by major power outages.  CyberPower with PowerPanel allows us to shut down our clients automatically or run on generators without the worry that customers will damage their equipment.
Click on the models below for more information or download the entire CyberPower catalog for the full technical specifications.
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CyberPower Systems
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