Protect your sensitive email messages with CipherPost Pro – the super-secure, simple-to-use encryption service from AppRiver.  With
CipherPost Pro, just one click ensures your message remains encrypted all the way to the recipient.  A patented delivery slip feature allows you to control who opens your email and what they do with afterwards.  You can also send large file attachments securely and it works with smart phones and mobile devices as well.
Who needs encrypted email?
• Accounting and Legal firms handle sensitive client data and are at risk for identity theft hacks. 
• Medical, Insurance and Financial firms are subject to HIPAA and SEC requirements. 
• Any company that emails a file containing personal identification information, account numbers or medical information can benefit from encrypted email.
Sending encrypted email is as simple as clicking a button to “send encrypted” – including attachments.  On the other end, the receiving party only has to enter the correct password to access the encrypted email.  Be sure your mail has been delivered by checking the CipherPost Pro tracking feature.  Ensure your emails can’t be forwarded with added security built into the toolbar.
Why now? 
New medical regulations have required email encryption, prompting our search for the right solution for all our clients, regardless of the industry. 

Please contact our office for additional information or to schedule a demonstration of encrypted email services.
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