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Archimedes Technologies is proud to offer a HIPAA-ready hybrid backup for your business. 
Incredibly Fast - Fast back up and no-nonsense data retrieval
• Running invisibly in the background, the light bandwidth load means no more waiting around for backups to complete or files to recover.
Military Grade Protection - Choose between 128-bit, 256-bit or 448-bit Blowfish encryption
• We offer you the best balance between performance and security. With a range of encryption options from secure 128-bit to ultra-secure military-grade 448-bit Blowfish encryption, you choose the security level that’s right for your business.  You pick the encryption key for total security.  What’s more, with our Disk-to-Disk-to-Cloud approach, your information is more secure than on-premise backup alone - yet easy and quick to recover lost files.
Scalable – Whether you need to back up a few PCs and files, or Petabytes of data.
• By utilizing a local backup register rather than a centralized database, and by distributing user data over an unlimited number of storage nodes at remote backup locations, we give you infinite scalability.
Flexible – Backup fully in the cloud or on local storage devices – or both 
• Available as a hosted offsite solution or a software-only version, our Backup product supports all leading software products and works across multiple platforms. What's more, you can enable the tool on individual devices, or on all devices. It really is that simple!
Disaster Recovery – ArchTech Backup’s optional Virtual Disaster Recovery (VDR) service can leverage the LocalSpeedVaultTM for expedited recovery.  When a disaster occurs, your systems and data are accessible via the Internet within minutes.

Bare Metal Recovery – An optional service that adds P2P recovery functionality to ArchTech Backup and compliments the existing recovery functionality available with our Virtual Disaster Recovery (VDR) option.  BMR ensures you are protected in the event of a complete system failure.
If you are not securely backing up your data, your company is at risk for data loss and down-time.